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PGTFA – Thought For Action

Panel Group Thought For Action (PGTFA) is a not-for-profit charitable organization organized under the laws of the District of Columbia.  PGTFA’s mission is to promote institutional reforms and market evolution to strengthen real property markets and property rights, including changes in the regulatory process.  PGTFA serves as a catalyst for holistic institutional reforms aimed at transforming illiquid assets into tradable ones in poor and marginalized communities. PGTFA promotes theoretical and policy ideas that create an optimal environment for citizens to prosper and to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

PGTFA supports scholarly studies and academic achievement in the areas of property rights, intellectual property rights, institutional reforms, and informality. PGTFA provides a safe space for social entrepreneurs, policy-makers, investors, academics and citizens to exchange unconventional ideas related to tackling informality in the real estate sector and strengthening property rights around the world.

PGTFA’s vision is to empower citizens and governments in achieving important social and economic benefits in partnership with the private sector. PGTFA’s vision is derived from the philosophy that value is primarily a function of the better tradability of assets. PGTFA is devoted to both improving governance and strengthening underserved communities’ asset management systems through the formation of public-private partnerships.

The philosophy of PGTFA emanates from the property rights reform methodology developed by Elena Panaritis and her colleagues at the World Bank, and is based on the transformation of informal property rights into vibrant, growing formal economic and social entities.  Ms. Panaritis spent years convincing policymakers, development organizations, and local stakeholders in Peru that transformation of informal property rights is possible and that it carries sustainable economic, financial and social dividends. The actual reform application took only three years and succeeded in bringing over 9 million Peruvians into the formal economy. Ms. Panaritis has worked in numerous countries identifying informality and developed the methodology “Reality Check Analysis” as a diagnostic tool that leads to the tailored solution of transforming informality to robust formal markets.   Reality Check Analysis is considered one of the most effective practical applications of institutional economics to property rights issues in the world today.

The operation of PGTFA will allow the philosophy, methodology, and message of transforming informal property markets to be disseminated more widely in a philanthropic, charitable, educational manner, particularly in partnership with governmental, academic, and nonprofit institutions worldwide.  As with any not for profit organization, PGTFA’s reach of activities will depend upon the strength of its financial donations and contributions.  PGTFA has been granted tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  If you are interested in making a monetary or other contribution to PGTFA, or would like further information, please send a message in the Contact section of this website.