Guest Contributor: Buy Colchicine Without Prescription, Barun Mitra, the director of Liberty Institute, an independent public policy think tank in New Delhi, India (

The Department of Land Resources in the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, has placed the draft of Land Titling Bill 2010, on their web site:

The date for submission of comments and suggestions has been extended to Aug 31, 2010.

Below is a12-point summary on the Land Titling Bill, my Colchicine experience, Colchicine images, based on the detailed comment that we submitted to the government. Would greatly appreciate your comments, Colchicine results. Fast shipping Colchicine, 1. Land being a state subject, the preamble should contain a short explanation as to why a national level model legislation is being proposed, buy Colchicine from mexico. Where to buy Colchicine, 2. Since the Bill is modeled on the Torrens title system, it is vital to detail specific exceptions for granting Indefeasible title in the Act so that the judiciary is not burdened in the same way as at present in attempting to establish titles and defeating the very purpose of an Indefeasible title, ordering Colchicine online.

3. “Part ownership” of a whole property is a complex issue involving various forms of associations by property owners, Buy Colchicine Without Prescription. Colchicine trusted pharmacy reviews, However, the draft Bill does not go into specifics of titling procedures under the Community Development Scheme and Strata Title, real brand Colchicine online. Colchicine used for, Rather than leaving such important issues for subordinate legislations, it would be prudent to leave such concepts outside of this Land Title Bill, buy generic Colchicine, Cheap Colchicine, and separate statutes be framed by appropriate authorities to deal with these issues.

4. The requirement that Registers be maintained on paper, purchase Colchicine online no prescription, Rx free Colchicine, along with electronic forms, will entail an avoidable duplication, buy cheap Colchicine, Colchicine over the counter, and can be avoided by simple  security procedures.

5, Colchicine mg. Buy Colchicine Without Prescription, With the operation of the new titling system, the current documents or deeds will change. No prescription Colchicine online, These documents/templates should therefore form part of the statute itself, and the Bill needs to include the prescribed documents under the land titling regime, Colchicine dose. Online buy Colchicine without a prescription, 6. The Registry should be allowed to make basic parcel data, owner identification, Colchicine price, Doses Colchicine work, and valuations publicly available without need for approval of the Director. This information is extremely valuable to the private sector and making it public will encourage development and improve securitisation, taking Colchicine. Buy Colchicine without a prescription, 7. Title guarantee proposed by this Bill seeks to reverse the presumptive nature of property titles that have evolved from the common law and in India it finds statutory cover in the Land Revenue Codes of the States. The draft Bill should seek deletion of the provisions in the State Land Revenue Codes which provide for the principle of presumption in favour of the record-of-rights, Buy Colchicine Without Prescription.

8. The draft Bill needs to detail the valuation principles, online Colchicine without a prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Colchicine online, It needs to replace Registration fees and Stamp Duties levied by States, with a nominal user charge to meet the costs of record keeping, low dose Colchicine. Colchicine treatment, The aim should be to discourage the use of Registration fees and Stamp Duties as primarily revenue gathering measures, rather than facilitating property transaction, where can i find Colchicine online. Colchicine samples, This has led to massive evasion, corruption, Colchicine without a prescription, Where can i cheapest Colchicine online, and loss of revenue to the state exchequers. Buy Colchicine Without Prescription, For the Bill to achieve its objective, transaction costs need to be bare minimum, so that property owners have the incentive to participate in the registration process.

9. Valuation is primarily guided by the zoning and land use regulations, buy no prescription Colchicine online. Colchicine gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, This also becomes necessary in view of the land ceiling, and fragmentation of land holding, Colchicine reviews. By removing land ceiling, and facilitating transactions, the scope of zoning and land use regulations would be significantly reduced. This would help significantly reduce the variation in the value of land in the same area. Seeking exemptions to, or modification of, land use regulations, are another source of corruption affecting land transactions, Buy Colchicine Without Prescription. Removal of land ceiling and consolidation of operational holding would help development of localized land use practices among the land holders themselves.

10. The provisions on the Title Guarantee Fund are inadequate. It needs to be dealt with in greater detail and deserves a separate Chapter. Buy Colchicine Without Prescription, The draft Bill may specify conditions of compensation out of the Title Guarantee Fund to ensure that State powers to indemnify is not stretched and the lack of clarity and unlimited indemnity does not discourage private participation providing Title Insurance cover.

11. Compulsory land titling in a five-year time frame is very ambitious, in a country of diverse land recording systems, administrative competence, and widely prevalent informal arrangements. If adopted it will be prone to capture by special interests, and open a new door for corruption, and trigger a new wave of social unrest. The draft Bill should instead look towards mandatory titling for every new transaction and encourage voluntary registration. This will provide an opportunity to fine tune the rules and regulation, help build trust in the new system, and facilitate its acceptance by the public.

12. For an initiative of this scope, and in a country of India's scale, the draft Bill needs to encourage the participation of private players, both for for-profit and non-profit, to help with the land mapping, documentation, and registration process. The present technologies allow for such bottom up, demand driven services to take full advantage of the changes in the law and procedures.

Please try and take a look at the actual bill, and share your thoughts.

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