Guest Contribution by Rachel Beach

Per a recent article in the Washington Post Buy Tetracycline Without Prescription, :

China provides an interesting case, where hundreds of U.S. Tetracycline dosage, companies have chosen to do business inside the Great China Wall, even when threatened by insecurity of Intellectual Property Rights and financial assets, Tetracycline canada, mexico, india. Tetracycline alternatives, It is understood in financial markets that the threat of expropriation of property requires a risk premium on investments in such an environment, but even given this, where can i find Tetracycline online, After Tetracycline, when so much is at stake, businesses continue choosing to operate in the country, Tetracycline for sale. Tetracycline brand name, And many are getting stung in the process. Ebay, generic Tetracycline, Online buying Tetracycline hcl, Google, and Time Warner number among those that have either pulled out of the market or are reconsidering, taking Tetracycline, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, locked in legal battles to protect their interest and investments in the market.

Is it worth it, Buy Tetracycline Without Prescription. Over a billion potential customers should offer a resounding yes, Tetracycline recreational. Low dose Tetracycline, But when there is potential for those same billions to steal your business concepts and intellectual property rights, your customer base, Tetracycline without a prescription, Tetracycline street price, and a government to change its laws once again, acquiring much of your assets or restricting your mode of operation, where to buy Tetracycline, Buy cheap Tetracycline no rx, the answer becomes a little more blurry. As stated by Kevin Smith, Tetracycline pictures, Buy Tetracycline online no prescription, head of General Motors in China, “there are different rules in China”, Tetracycline from mexico. Kjøpe Tetracycline på nett, köpa Tetracycline online, The question arises: how are companies to deal with theft of Intellectual Property Rights in a country of a billion plus people. Buy Tetracycline Without Prescription, A Washington Post article suggests that China is a “very unique country” in this regard, and attacking every violator is not the best strategy. Should it be, ordering Tetracycline online. Tetracycline over the counter, Shouldn’t a company strive to protect its Intellectual Property Rights wherever it does business. The question returns us to the considerations of government provisions of security of property, purchase Tetracycline online no prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa, Where the government does not provide security, how much are private businesses and how much should private businesses invest to protect their rights and property by other means, real brand Tetracycline online. To an extent, in a country like China, where this means any number of its billion citizens could be violating your intellectual property rights, it is a futile effort, Buy Tetracycline Without Prescription. Tetracycline pharmacy, It’s almost like chasing a flock of chickens: chase one and exhaust yourself catching it, only to find that all the others have scattered far beyond your reach, purchase Tetracycline. My Tetracycline experience, In a country like China, a business with broad potential for theft of IPR, rx free Tetracycline, Tetracycline used for, its energies would be better devoted in lobbying the government to strengthen IPR regulations and enforcement. If this is true, where can i cheapest Tetracycline online, Purchase Tetracycline online, how does this make China a “unique country”. The greater the market size, buy cheap Tetracycline, Fast shipping Tetracycline, the greater the potential for loss (in parallel with the potential for profits).

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Plavix For Sale

January 25th, 2010

Plavix For Sale, Grabbing the perfect opportunity to reform and revive a country’s growth capacity… through a tough economic crisis.

I have been mired in the Greek economic crisis in my new capacity with the Greek government, where can i buy Plavix online. Plavix pics, Once again I observe a country that has been suffering from the vast permeation of informality resulting in a sluggish growth and endless leakages in public finances. Once again I notice the great opportunity to align the incentives of all parties in the Greek society for a fundamental reform that will transform the informal sector to the formal secure growing economy – based on secure rules and rights to assets, Plavix results. Plavix no rx, Greece provides us with an excellent example of a country where the strength of the informal economy signals the weakness of existing rules in terms of predictability and enforcement. Combating informal property rights, order Plavix online c.o.d, Order Plavix no prescription, establishing secure and predictable process and rules will allow the country to move not only ahead but revive its latent assets and wealth. Where can i buy cheapest Plavix online. Plavix no prescription. Plavix schedule. Plavix trusted pharmacy reviews. Online buy Plavix without a prescription. Order Plavix online overnight delivery no prescription. About Plavix. Plavix duration. Plavix blogs. Plavix long term. Plavix coupon. Plavix online cod. Plavix cost. Doses Plavix work. Is Plavix addictive. Buy Plavix from canada. Buy Plavix no prescription. Comprar en línea Plavix, comprar Plavix baratos. Plavix reviews. Purchase Plavix for sale. Buy Plavix without a prescription. Plavix description. No prescription Plavix online. Plavix forum. Plavix price. Plavix interactions. Plavix samples. Plavix dangers. Plavix class.

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Buy Atarax Without Prescription

January 10th, 2010

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Armour For Sale

January 2nd, 2010

from Michael Shermer’s blog "Skeptic Armour For Sale, ":

How do you turn a 3rd-world developing nation into a 1st-world developed nation. It actually isn’t that hard. Buy Armour without prescription, Picture 3In fact, it is so simple it can be explained in a blog-length essay. You need twelve conditions, Armour price, coupon. I call them the Developing Dirty Dozen:

  1. Property rights.

  2. The rule of law.

  3. Economic stability through a secure and trustworthy banking and monetary system.

  4. A reliable infrastructure and the freedom to move about the country.

  5. Freedom of speech and the press.

  6. Freedom of association.

  7. Mass education.

  8. Protection of civil liberties.

  9. A robust military for protection of liberties from attacks by other states.

  10. A potent police force for protection of freedoms from attacks by other people within the state.

  11. A viable legislative system for establishing fair and just laws.

  12. An effective judicial system for the equitable enforcement of those fair and just laws.

Of course, Purchase Armour online, we should remember what the sage pop philosopher Yogi Berra once said: “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.” Let’s call this Yogi’s Maxim, Armour For Sale. In theory, buying Armour online over the counter, just implement the Developing Dirty Dozen. Order Armour no prescription, In practice, this might not be so easy. I recommend starting with just the first one: property rights, Armour for sale. And the playbook on how to do so is already written: Prosperity Unbound: Building Property Markets with Trust (Palgrave Macmillan, Cheap Armour no rx, 2007) by former World Bank economist Elena Panaritis, now working with developing nations around the world to build trust through property rights. Armour For Sale, Panaritis explains how to change informal property into formal property, illiquid property into liquid property, and un-real estate into real estate. Presto-chango, Armour dose. It’s like magic. Armour long term, Property = Prosperity. Call it Panaritis’s Panacea.

Pioneered with pilot programs in Peru, Panaritis explains how to make property real and investments secure through property rights enforced through law, Armour For Sale. Unfortunately, Armour results, there are plenty of other places to test this theory: about 70% of the world’s population, Armour images, or about 4 billion people, are sitting on roughly $9 trillion in illiquid property. By “illiquid, after Armour,” Panaritis means that the property can be lost or taken away without compensation, Order Armour from United States pharmacy, and it has little to no value as an investment tool outside of immediate bartering for goods and services needed at the moment.

Panaritis makes a distinction between “the haves and the have-nots,” but not as the phrase is customarily employed, Armour no rx. What she means is those who have property rights and the security of their finances and investments, Armour recreational, and those who do not. Armour For Sale, This difference is what, in the long run, creates a wealth or income disparity.

By “un-real estate,” Panaritis means that even if there is property you can see, Armour samples, if it is illiquid it means that you cannot use it to secure investments in your future, Armour alternatives, and thus you have no secure future and so your real estate is unreal. A houseboat on a river Southeast Asia is the epitome of informal property: just a family on a boat floating on a river, so precarious that it likely won’t last a single generation, low dose Armour. How do you build a future on such an unstable foundation. Cheap Armour, The lack of formal property rights leads to numerous economic distortions: distorted valuations up and down, distressed property markets, illiquidity of savings, canada, mexico, india, limited labor mobility, Real brand Armour online, weak capital markets, and limited investment in infrastructure such as utilities, energy, discount Armour, and telecommunications. In Ecuador, for example, having passed through the country many times on my way to the Galapagos Islands, I noted that Ecuadorians largely skipped the land-line stage on the way to cell phones, Armour For Sale. Kjøpe Armour på nett, köpa Armour online, Establishing a land-line telephone infrastructure was the responsibility of the government, which they did with their usual corrupt ineptitude, leading the developing free market of cell phone technology to sweep in and displace the old with the new almost overnight, what is Armour. Fortunately, Buy Armour from canada, the Ecuadorian government was prescient enough to secure the property rights of cell phone carriers in their country, and a cell phone as property can fit in your pocket.

Without property rights, Armour canada, mexico, india, in addition to economic distortions there are social distortions: enduring inequalities, Effects of Armour, violence, corruption, criminality, Armour class, child labor, Order Armour online overnight delivery no prescription, and social discontent, especially among women and minorities, who have the least control of their property, Armour duration. As well, Armour trusted pharmacy reviews, there are environmental distortions such as land quality degradation and poor waste management. Armour For Sale, The solution. Simple: transform property from illiquid to liquid, or from un-real estate to real estate, ordering Armour online. Property = Prosperity. Is Armour safe, Panaritis’s Panacea. Case in point: In Peru, Panaritis worked with a woman named Margarita, Armour wiki, a seamstress whose labor was valued in 1990 at $80/month, Australia, uk, us, usa, but who is today worth thousands of dollars a month. How did this happen, Armour For Sale. Untangling property rights and removing the bureaucratic red tape that it takes to own your own business, by reducing the number of government agencies from 14 to 2, by reducing the time it takes to obtain a license to own your own business from 7 years to 2 days, and the cost from $7,000 to $14. Now that is change we can believe in.

Can it work anywhere. Of course, as Panaritis explains:

The problem of “unreal estate” is global, but its solution local, and it can lead to unbound prosperity. The approach worked in Peru and it can be repeated elsewhere. Done right, institutional reform of property rights can reduce risk, ambiguity, costs of transactions and create new possibilities for those who hold assets informally by turning them.

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