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March 6th, 2009



First 100 days:  A fix for the housing crisis

Pristiq For Sale, In his speech to Congress, President Obama spoke of how the proper response to the economic crisis is not just a matter of immediate fixes, but also an opportunity to make investments that will serve the nation’s long-term interests. The same idea should govern the housing recovery plan, is Pristiq addictive. Pristiq natural, Otherwise, we get nothing more than a crutch when we need a cure.homesales

As much as short-term help is needed to keep more people from foreclosure, where can i cheapest Pristiq online, Buy Pristiq from mexico, there is a big opportunity to get to the end of the crisis by starting at the beginning of the problem. The conventional wisdom is that subprime mortgages represent the beginning, order Pristiq from mexican pharmacy. Pristiq recreational, In fact, the beginning goes back much further, Pristiq from mexico. The current crisis stems from the absence of a system that provides stability to the value of properties in the United States, Pristiq For Sale. Pristiq street price, Instead, real estate “value” in the United States continues to be set through speculation, Pristiq from canadian pharmacy, Ordering Pristiq online, and that undermines the security – that is, the underlying asset – when mortgages are traded as part of complex financial instruments, discount Pristiq. Pristiq long term, We cannot ignore a simple truth of economics: if we are going to treat mortgages as securities, then they must be secured by the tangible asset: namely, Pristiq results, Get Pristiq, land and buildings. To do otherwise has proven to be a recipe for disaster, Pristiq dosage. Order Pristiq online overnight delivery no prescription, The opportunity before the U.S. Pristiq For Sale, government with a housing recovery plan is to set up a new system that will keep us from ever getting to this crisis point again. How, where can i buy Pristiq online. Purchase Pristiq online no prescription, The devil is in the details.

It’s no accident that other countries, Pristiq gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Pristiq pharmacy, even those that trade mortgages as financial instruments (such as Australia and Canada) have avoided the levels of off-the-cuff valuation of property we’ve seen in the United States. The reason is that other countries have standardized the information needed to determine the genuine value of real estate and hence mortgage valuation, Pristiq treatment.

This information – actual boundaries, property transfers, claims, liens, and so on – is made available to everyone, Pristiq For Sale. Pristiq use, The system is sound and transparent. And where do they keep this information, Pristiq over the counter. Online Pristiq without a prescription, In national property registries, which maintain all the data, Pristiq class, Pristiq reviews, in a standardized format, that buyers and sellers need to undertake transactions related to real property, Pristiq pics. No prescription Pristiq online, The United States has a broken registry system, and instead of ever fixing it allowed a title insurance industry to arise as a substitute, Pristiq duration. Pristiq For Sale, Title insurance is non-transparent and (at best) inconsistently regulated, yet it is the main system through which information about property valuation flows. Effects of Pristiq, Plus, you have to pay for the information, Pristiq used for. Where can i order Pristiq without prescription, This leads to all sorts of problems, and fuels speculation, Pristiq overnight. Where to buy Pristiq, The Obama Administration’s housing recovery plan ought to look forward. Help people facing foreclosure today, after Pristiq, yes, but also establish a national, standardized property registry responsible for the collection of all titles and all information about characteristics of property. Even statewide registries would be a tremendous improvement, Pristiq For Sale.

The first step is to mandate an agency to gather whatever exists in state and local registries and title insurance companies around the country, no matter how inadequate, and centralize and standardize that information. Then, establish a mechanism for making this information available to all. Further, figure out how to fill in the missing information. Finally, create a system for the registry to provide remediation in the case of errors. Pristiq For Sale, It is critical that we correct how the value of real estate is established. By finally securing the asset, we can guarantee long-term price stability and rid the system of the speculation that has put us in this crisis. Let’s look at the current housing crisis as an opportunity to make this long-term fix.

This isn’t about setting property prices now and letting them remain static. Rather, it’s about letting a dynamic property market flourish in a way that protects Americans from having to bail out banks or themselves in the future.

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